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Product Catalogue - Armored Rooms

Product name
External dimensions
(cm HxLxP) fm-to
(Kg) fm-to
Certified modular vault room CMC
Product sample picture 'Armored Rooms - Certified modular vault room CMC'

For the realization of armored rooms and reinforcement of existing rooms, the CMC certified modular vault panels are offered in different models and different levels of security to meet precisely the specific customer needs.

Safe deposit boxes SDB
Product sample picture 'Armored Rooms - Safe deposit boxes SDB'

With a robust and compact structure, all models are modular to save space of the interior vaults, safes and armored compactors.

RICCIO the armored and compactable mini vault
Product sample picture 'Armored Rooms - RICCIO the armored and compactable mini vault'
207 x 140(+90) x 166
248 x 140(+90) x 198

To make small or medium vaults without performing masonry . Riccio is a armored compact vault , composed of two elements in a cabinet. Hedgehog in the closed position creates a uniform and strong structure. The interior can be customized with safes, cabinets, shelves and anything else to meet security needs. It becomes a true safe-room.

Armored and modular vault ARMADILLO
Product sample picture 'Armored Rooms - Armored and modular vault ARMADILLO'

The best possible alternative to a traditional vault room: Armadillo is super-armored, modular, spacious and adaptable to all situations. It is possible to have Armadillo manual version for small systems or electric version. Wide range of models and maximum configurability.

Product sample picture 'Armored Rooms - X-Bars'

X-Bars are special armor with steel or manganese used for armor walls, ceilings and floors of the vaults.