Luxury Safes made by Conforti
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Conforti History

Conforti soon turns 100 years and deak this goal with commitment and responsibility always projecting into the future while respecting the Mission and Values.

DAL 2006
First of all technological innovation through the internet you can now centralize all PHYSITRONIC safes. Even high-technology and automation in the design of specific systems for self-service environments (Banks, hotels, etc..). The home security is enhanced with unique solutions for the protection of their goods. i

Dal 2002
The Company moves from its historical plant of Via Saffi in Verona to the new prestigious head office of San Martino Buon Albergo in the province of Verona which houses the business, administrative and production division in an area of 2400 covered square meters. At the end of 2003 Conforti complies with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality System Certification.

2000 The new millennium
Conforti is looking for new strategies to widen its security traditional market , as a result the Company creates the Cash Management division aimed at optimizing cash transactions. As far as traditional production is concerned it focuses on improving research on new materials capable of increasing breaking- in resistance

1990 - 2000
Conforti presence on the marked is now marked by a new logo which symbolizes the synthesis between past and future. "FISITRONICA" represents the new security system proposal which integrates electronic control devices with safes. The production of EUROTRUST safes, which are certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 European rules, represents a further important step of this period.

Years 80-90
The design of the Conforti name as the Company's logo slightly changes. A further plant with an advanced technology production system is built near Rieti. The integration between physical and electronic security achieves highly significant results such as the more computerized safe SESAME 2000, the armoured plant on rulers ARMADILLO and the microelectronic alarm plant MICROMEGA..

Years 60 - 70
The name Conforti becomes the new logo of the Company and a new plant is opened in San Martino Buon Albergo in the province of Verona. Security discovers electronics and maintaining its role among the market leaders the Company proposes JANUS, a safe with two fronts used for the transferring of money to and from the bank branch. Production now includes alarm systems and office furniture.

Years 1940-1960
In the new logo the image of the factory acts as background for the Company's name. In 1949 Conforti becomes a joint-stock company. After the war production and despite the physical and economical damages , it starts back again with a two production lines, one for bakery ovens and one for safes, armoured doors and SESAME which is considered one of the most significant service-products.

Years 1929-1939
The Conforti logo is created in these years and, apart from slight variations, it's the same that now characterizes all Conforti products. In the new head office of Porta Palio in Verona where the Company stays for about 70 years, Conforti produces lock systems and a broad range of safes, some of which reach 11.000 or 12.000 kg of weight. During the 30's the quality of its products leads to the first prestigious orders from the Bank of Italy.

Years 1912-28
The first signboard is that of a typical craftsman's shop. Silvio Conforti starts its activity thanks to a competition prize for his masterpiece safe . During the 20's after the stop imposed by the war, Conforti produces safes up to 2000 kg of weight..